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We now live in a digital world where we use computers on a daily basis for business and for pleasure.

Our computers have become our personal library and archive, storing our  business documents, records and activities.  On a personal side we store our photos, videos, music and memories.

Hard drive failure, fire, theft or even just accidental user error can wipe out highly important content in seconds.
It is essential to take backups on a regular basis to ensure that these precious documents are not lost forever.

Do not trust it to luck!

Having established that a backup is critical what are your choices.


                CD/DVD This is time consuming and requires a vast amount of media.


                USB stick A good portable idea but limited in size.


                External Hard drive. One of the better ideas for size and practicality.


                     Speedy Backup. The best and probably cheapest solution.

All of the other solutions have a fundamental flaw. If we keep our backups at the same location as our computer then there is a good chance that both may suffer the same fate.

Our system works in conjunction with “Livedrive”. Livedrive gets rid of this problem completely by providing a simple, secure and robust online backup solution. Just install it, select which folders you want to backup and forget about it. There’s no need to schedule your backups or leave your PC on overnight – it backs up your files as you work. There’s no limit on how much you back up either, so it’s completely hassle free.




Back it up or trust it to luck?

Peace of mind from £5 per month.

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